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Yangzhou Jing Yi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, exports in one of the orthopedic trauma external fixation materials company. The company is located in Yangzhou town - Shao Bo. Existing staff of more than 30-50 people. Which Dr. 1, 8 undergraduate.

The company mainly engaged in medical polymer orthodontic bandage and medical polymer orthopedic splint, is the traditional orthopedic trauma external fixation gypsum bandage upgrading products. Companies from South Korea imported high-molecular bandage machine, polymer plywood machine and other production equipment, and from abroad with outstanding enterprises in the introduction of a number of technical R & D personnel and production operations staff, not only can produce high-quality products, and the cohesion of the domestic Industry independent innovation capability, which laid the company in the domestic industry status.

Companies in the "leading technology, quality first, people-oriented, harmonious development" purposes, focus on all the advantages of resources, dedicated to medical polymer bandages and plywood and other orthopedic trauma external fixation materials research and development, innovation and production, wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign Colleagues to join cooperation for social progress and human happiness and seek common development.


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