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甘肃快三:How to Identify the Advantages and Disadvantages of Polymer Band Plywood

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Polymer bandages have been developed in foreign countries for more than 20 years, and in China is a few years ago began to appear. Product quality is uneven.

To distinguish between the merits and demerits from several aspects, to see security, whether breathable, hardening speed, whether through the x-ray, etc.

1, comfortable and safe: Yangzhou Jingyi medical polymer bandage after drying shrinkage, will not produce gypsum bandage dry skin tightening, itchy discomfort, there will not be gypsum in the hardening process, the water recrystallization When the heat reaction, so that the patient's skin has a sense of discomfort burned.

2, good breathability: Yangzhou Jing Yi medical polymer bandage using high-quality original yarn, a unique mesh preparation technology, has a good permeability, is conducive to skin breathable, to solve the gypsum bandage tube bandage caused by The skin hot flashes, itching and other issues.

3, hardening speed: Yangzhou Jingyi medical polymer bandage hardening process, 3-5 minutes after opening the package began to harden, 20 minutes can bear the weight, and plaster bandage to be about 24 hours to fully harden the load.

4, high hardness, light weight: After testing, cured Yangzhou Jingyi medical polymer bandage hardness is 20 times the traditional gypsum, the weight equivalent to 1/5 of the gypsum, the thickness of the gypsum equivalent to 1/3, not only to ensure that Limb after the reduction of the fixed role, but also the burden of the affected area is small, is conducive to blood circulation and wound healing. The same parts of the fixed, high-molecular bandage material than gypsum at least save 1/3. Such as the forearm tube type, the amount of gypsum bandage 3 volumes, the amount of polymer bandage 1 roll. Lower limb tube type, plaster bandage amount of 25 volumes, the amount of polymer bandage 5 volumes.

5, excellent X-ray transmission: Yangzhou Jing Yi medical polymer bandage on the radiation permeability is excellent, X-ray effect is clear, is conducive to doctors in the treatment process, at any time to understand the healing of limb. And the transmission of gypsum is relatively poor, and sometimes only after removal of fixed, in order to clearly understand the healing situation. Thus avoiding the fact that after the removal of gypsum by X-ray examination found that did not meet the healing standards, and the need for second re-bandage of the trouble.

6, good water resistance: Yangzhou Jingyi medical polymer bandage after hardening, the surface smooth, the absorption rate of water than gypsum and general glass fiber bandages and plywood made of 85% lower, even if the limb exposed to water environment, Can also effectively ensure that the affected area dry. Also afraid of the second flooding, you can wear a bandage for bathing and spa.

7, easy to operate, flexible, good shape: Yangzhou Jing Yi medical polymer bandage only 2-3 times in normal temperature water can be used, the operation is very convenient. If the fixed parts of the skin trauma or long operation time, not the first immersion, directly fixed, fixed, can be sprayed in the outer water to speed up the hardening speed. Good shape, bending and tensile strength, can be bent, can be made of tube, care or splint.

8, the scope of application: Yangzhou Jing Yi medical polymer bandages and plywood widely used in orthopedic multi-site fixed, orthopedic orthopedic surgery, prosthetics auxiliary function tools, support tools and burns local protective stent.


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